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Our Convictions Informations systems to be successful in the digital era


Information Systems are strategic for digital transformation

Information systems can help you increase productivity, develop sales or optimize costs. Automation is just one aspect of their power. Crucial data. An enterprise architecture approach with TOGAF by Beneficis ensures your success.


Standardize or Create ?

Standardization has advantages if you need to optimize, but you cannot really differentiate with standards. Every company needs a mix of those and also consider its legacy. Seizing opportunities when they arise to create a specific is an essential parameter of digital transformation consulting.


You are sit on a gold mine

Many companies do not take advantage of the data they collect. With restrictions and laws it is more and more time to make this informational capital useful for the company. In particular new approaches as machine learning and deep neural networks can do a lot to take advantage of your information capital and grow.

Tailored Missions


Business Performance

  • IS audit & improvement
  • Business digital transformation
  • Change management
  • Benchmark


and Feasibility

Opportunity Assessment

  • Business Cases
  • Solutions Assessment
  • Project framing & Concepts
  • Statements of work, backlogs

IS Strategy

  • IS Architecture
  • IS Blueprint
  • IS Budget Management
Business & IT

Business & IT Compliance

  • Align IT Organization and Strategy
  • Regulations Compliance

Project Study

  • Customer: A major aviation manufacturer
  • Objectives: Automate aircraft attestation process with RFID
  • Mission: Concept Framing & Opportunity / Feasibility Study
  • Duration: 3 months


  • Scoping and framing of concept.
  • Business process adaptation, customer workshops, stakeholders management
  • Candidate Solutions and Technologies benchmark
  • Solutions scenarios and design
  • Solution architecture : integration in information system
  • Specifications for the development, including project plan


The company successfully launched a new application which allows to automatically inventory seats and lifevests for aircraft attestation and optimize costs and reduce errors on the assembly line

Project Framing

  • Customer: End customer is a weather national company
  • Objectives: Define scope and content of a weather product production platform
  • Mission: Framing of project
  • Duration: 3 months


  • Collect stakeholders stakes, constraints and needs
  • Workshop animation with key users to collect the needs
  • As-is information system and urbanization
  • To-be information system functional and technical modelization
  • Development plan and product roadmap
  • Preparation of statement of works for the implementation of the system​


Project scoping and roadmap allowed the concretization by the customer of the project considering the context far beyond the technical field (HR, political and business stakes).

The value of consulting for a successful digital transition

Leaders are considering to be accompanied by a consultant for their digital transition due to a variety of reasons

That can be because of a specific expertise, the capability to give a proven return of experience, to benefit from an external eye, or to overcome internal issues. The consultant soft skills are essential, but they are not sufficient.

When being supported by a consultant, do you really benefit from experience and in depth knowledge of technologies for your success ?

Since Toulouse, Beneficis is agnostic and independent from the influence of this or that technological solution, in order to select what is really adapted for its customers

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In the digitalization era, to be on time on the market, and with the savings in mind, components off the shelf approaches are too often privileged compared to the specific, tailored solutions.

This is reassuring for sure but this is an error in the world of today. With the assembly of cloud services and components new opportunities you can accelerate a lot your time to market and avoid the hassle of many hidden costs.
Digital Services Companies (DSCs) are pushing technological offers that are often specific to them.

Taking the right options are not an easy task : devil is in the details.you should not be afraid of failure but adjust things. Beneficis guides you in driving change.

You make the difference with these slight specificities that change everything and by reinventing your way of working. It might be the case you are driven by the market trends or replication of systems that are not really fitting with what you really need.​

The consultant has to be aware and rigorous, he has to understand you. Not only he also has to be really independant.​

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