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Our Convictions Successful companies rely on their CIO to control and develop their IS


Modernize, Secure and Simplify

Information Systems are often long life running infrastructures that contributed to the success of the companies but often include a complexity, fruit of years of evolution. This induces security concerns as well as a maintainability and evolutivity issue. Like an organization the information system must move from one paradigm to another to lose fat and gain in efficiency. Reconsider with and fresh eyes the existing and remove complexity, simplify and renovate while ensuring the security of informations.


Master complexity

Sometimes IS is so huge and complex that it needs applications to cartography it. That's not a secret there is a risk for them not being up to date.But this knowledge remains essential and knowledge management is key in the world of today at every level of the organization. A chief information officer is supporting you in mastering the complexity.


Experiment, challenge

We believe that the subject is not components off the shelf versus specific developments. If guerilla tools exist this is because the components off the shelf do not well cover the needs!. So before going in a direction, experimentation is essential. experiment in all dimensions, including what you might need in the future. That is the essence of robust and rational choices. Think of non standard packages for critical business that need to differentiate.

Tailored Missions

Information Systems

IS Audit

  • Organisation & Methods
  • Projects & Applications
  • Tools Infrastructures
  • Security Maturity & Risks


  • Security Policy & Risks
  • ISO 27xxx, EBIOS RM
  • Prevention, Recovery & Continuity
  • Incident & Crisis Management
IT manager

IT Services Management

  • Projects Potfolio Management
  • Cloud Migration
  • IT Outsourcing
IS evolutions

IS Evolutions

  • Project & Product management
  • IS Blueprint

Informations System Setup

  • Customer: A consortium in charge of the IT outsourcing of the French Space Agency
  • Objectives: Establish an information system to manage the IT outsourcing activities
  • Mission: Information Systems Architecture and Setup
  • Duration: 6 months extended to 2 years


  • Analysis of contract and service level engagements.
  • IS architecture functional & technical design
  • Management of the team to setup ITSM management tools including TTS, datawarehouse, business intelligence and customer portal
  • Client acceptance
  • Management of system evolutions


The consortium could setup its information system in a 6 monthes timeframe to comply with his contract engagements and run his activity using industrial processes, methods & tools

Security Policy Setup

  • Customer: A Finance & Investment Company based in Toulouse
  • Objectives: Protection of Cybersecurity Risks
  • Mission: Setup the Information Systems Security Policy
  • Duration: 6 months


  • Assessment of the level of maturity of the IS Security.
  • Analyse risks using interviews and Ebios rm (ISO 27005)
  • Identify assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Identify adherence and gaps with security ISO standards applicable (ISO 27001)
  • Propose a multi-year action plan, targets and budgets for Cybersecurity
  • Deploy an Information Systems Security Policy compliant with the company


The company has defined a Security Policy and a strategic Plan to ensure the mitigation of CyberSecurity issues, communicable to clients and partners.

Is "classical" governance over ?

The way we do it is not at all the same as
we did this just 10 years ago

10 years, is short!. Some trends grow quickly and seem to question the way information systems are managed including the CIO himself. In terms of ITSM, some say ITIL is dead and knowledge management and automation will drastically increase and reduce ITSM cost. Another aspect is the cloud computing.

It is very tempting to access the power of cloud computing and avoid the hassle of IT management around that. But we might underestimate the risks with the company confidential data. What about the way we develop information systems ? Agility is another extreme compared to waterfall cycles. Both have theirs pros and cons.

At the end we often face organisations that are confused because they are urged to move agile but do not know how to move on this way. People expect their information systems to evolve quicker, leaner and always bring additional value to the company at the same time.

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Due to the need to master this complexity, to do the right moves, but also to move on good manner,
we see it still makes sense to have a methodic and governed approach to manage the information systems.

What changed are the tools available to move on. But common sense did not change that much. Information Systems took back their place in the strategy of the company after being considered as commodities. So Governance must take into account new paradigms to be successful nowadays.

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