Ethical Management for Your Business Performance

Company adapt their methods and strategy to remain competitive. Digital offers opportunities for executives to significantly enhance their company's performance and differentiate themselves. We believe ethics and performance together are a virtuous circle.

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About us Beneficis, an ethical and responsible company

Beneficis was born from the desire to create value through the mastery of digital and innovation in companies and society, from strategy to the implementation of concrete projects.


Expertises Provide value with ethical management

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a leader, we are dedicated to make your company successful and improve its performance by mastering projects and technologies. Get the best out of Information Systems, Innovation and New Technologies. If you think that the informations system is strategic for your company : You are at the right place !


Strategy Consulting for Business

Clarify your objectives and the means to achieve them. Digital is serving new strategies for leaders.


IS & Digital Transformation Consulting

Improve your business performance, organization, processes, methods and tools. We keep in mind the contribution of value on the whole chain according to your strategy.


Information Systems Management

Master information systems with a long-term vision, anticipation and expertise. We help you make the right choices & make them evolve.


Management of IT projects & transitions

Secure your business and projects: no matter how you work, we have the skills you need to succeed. Agile Certified!


Business Experience

Knowledge matters, but Experience prevails : Beneficis as an ethical and responsible company accompanies finance, real estate, retail and industry companies, as well as IT services companies and startups.


Finance, Real Estate & Retail

More than a decade in the finance, real estate and retailing field.



Strong Experience in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM Field) and Industry.


IT Services

Beneficis is very familiar with IT Services Companies and ICT organizations..



Beneficis has accompanied several Startups in their early stage and growth.

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