February 19, 2024 - Business Datapy partners with Beneficis


In this article, I’d like to introduce you to Datapy, Beneficis’ data and software partner, and explain why it’s the start of a great story for us and our customers alike.

A meeting

I’m delighted to share with you today a story of collaboration and rapprochement that highlights humanism, la competence and complementarity.. As part of my duties as CIO, I had the privilege of meeting François de Le Rue, one of the two founders of Datapy, in 2019, and since then, our journey has been marked by an ongoing relationship, made up of mutual respect and support, a synergy that is the hallmark of true encounters, and which, over time, transforms into friendship.

I’m looking for partners who can enrich my value proposition and provide complementary solutions to those I offer my customers, but also people with strong ethical and human values. That’s where Datapy comes in. I needed to be able to offer my customers the capacity to industrialize their data and software projects, to have a reliable partner that I could integrate into my projects and recommend without hesitation.

We complement each other

Datapy is based in Paris and Toulouse and has a real mastery of technologies, data engineering and full stack development.

I’ve also been able to observe on my assignments that Datapy really does nurture its consultants in a caring way, knows how to bet on the human element and maintains genuine, sincere and dedicated relationships with its customers.

Datapy’s know-how perfectly complements my own skills in information systems management and digital transformation, and in the field of data.

With François, we realized that we could offer our customers an extensive and highly complementary range of services, from strategic design to technical implementation.

We can rely on each other to provide our customers with a unique, high-quality experience. That’s what I’m looking for, just like François.

We have a lot in common.

Datapy’s motivation is to make the world a better place through technology, so it’s very much in line with my own: it’s about combining the best of technology and humanity.

We share this taste for innovation and technology. and this desire to help our employees progress and support our customers with socially and ecologically responsible values.

These shared values of trust, caring, balance and commitment are all good reasons for Beneficis and Datapy to cultivate their collaboration.

A differentiating value proposition

The combination of Beneficis and Datapy is an alliance that combines technical expertise and strategic vision to deliver the performance and innovation companies expect from their digital transformation projects.

It responds to the aspirations not only of our employees, but also of our customers, who want to progress and evolve in a context where technology, people and responsibility are vectors of performance.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds and the exciting projects we’ll be working on together.

I invite you to discover datapy.

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