February 13, 2023 - Business Beneficis is back on tracks

A new start in freedom

Now it is time for me to restart the adventure of Beneficis !

In 2020 Beneficis stopped its activities in the context of pandemy. After two years, i accepted to join a customer as Chief Information Officer. I have quit my beloved employer after 4 years of a passionate digital transformation challenge.

New items come into the missions : cybersecurity and sustainable development. I also intend to support of some caritative associations (aid to disadvantaged populations and sustainable development). It has to have a clear resonance in my day to day actions. Working on the dimension of social and environmental responsibility is also something i intend to develop in the near future with my partners and customers.

Company Strategies and Information Technologies can serve these goals.

So let’s start, i hope sincerely there will be an opportunity for the hummingbird to act accordingly.

A new journey begins for Beneficis.

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